Strategy and Competitive Advantages


Worldwide companies have sought to develop new ways to minimize the environmental impact of their energy consumption. Electric energy from renewable sources are an affordable alternative chosen by many companies from all segments of the economy to reduce energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and help them achieving sustaintability goals.

In Brazil, we operate in a segment with high growth potential due to regulatory changes that foresee the reduction of energy demand limits for the migration of consumers from the Regulated Market (‘ACR’) to the Free Market (‘ACL’), allowing consumers to freely contract their energy supplier.

In this context, consolidated as one of the largest independent power trading companies in the country, we have been preparing ourselves to take advantages of this new reality, operating as an integrated platform to serve various business structures in the renewable energy segment.

Based on the synergy of the trading and energy generation activities, we aim to become the energy business agent for our clients, providing them with a varity of tailored services and identifying opportunities based on their needs.

In addition to remain as one of the leaders in the sale of energy in the Free Market, our growth strategy involves expanding our electricity production capacity through the acquisition and development of new power generation assets, focused on renewable sources, to serve consumers both in the Free Market (ACL) as in the regulated market (ACR).

With a pulverized presence in the Distributed Generation market, we have technological infrastructure that facilitates the adhesion, commercial experience and back office of new customers, which enables the expansion of our retail activities. In addition, we aim to strengthen our commercial strategy by expanding partnerships and remote offices, with sales and after-sales expertise, to provide services to wholesale and retail customers on a national scale.

In that sense, we are ready to capture value throughout the energy consumption chain, delivering high quality services to clients across all industry sectors.



Sophistication and wide presence in power trading

Strongly supported by our expertise in power trading to the Free Market, with a consolidated portfolio of clients and focus on the origination of medium and long-term contracts, we have a differentiated capacity to deliver high added-value products and solutions to our customers.

Risk management

We have a dedicated team, which counts with the involvement of our Executive Board, in the assessment of market and credit risks. We mitigate the direct prices volatility through the profile of medium and long-term contracts, combined with robust risk management processes through controlling tools and daily reports.

High performance in strategic and complementary segments of the energy sector

We operate as an integrated business model, developing a wide range of projects and services, that ranges from the prospection and development of energy generation and Distributed Generation projects, through its operation and maintenance, to serve our consumers both in the Free Market (ACL) as in the regulated market (ACR).

Operating both in the generation and power trading segments, we are able to manage our portfolio in a fully synergistic manner. This model results in the diversification of our products, bringing security to our clients, as well as providing us with physical guarantee besides the contractual obligation of our operations. This business model enables us to offer short, medium and long term strategies to different types of customers, from large electro-intensive consumers, special consumers with less expressive loads to low voltage consumers, served by our Distributed Generation projects.

Experienced and qualified professional team

With a meritocratic culture, we have a highly qualified, pluralistic technical staff with large experience in the energy sector which contributes to a favourable environment to the achievement of sustainable results.

Our management and team have diverse backgrounds, which include the setup and operation of other energy companies, knowledge of regulatory issues, management of energy contracts, participation in energy trading desks of major banks in Brazil, among other experiences that contributes to the development of an integrated platform of services and reinforces our ability to build an extensive network of relationships with major participants of the energy market.

Differentiated access to renewable energy sources and their value in terms of sustainability and socio-environmental impacts

Aligned with Environmental, Social and Governance responsability (‘ESG’), renewable energy sources have been gaining customers attention in the Free Market (‘ACL’).

Believing in the great potential of power generation and the potential growth of this segment, we direct our business plan to invest in a solid base of renewable assets, aiming to provide alternatives to consumers who seek to “clean” their energy matrix and help them to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Supported by our experience in the energy sector, as well as the relationships built within the scope of power trading, we have differentiated access to the main renewable energy generation agents in Brazil, such as wind, solar, hydro, biogas, among others.