Corporate Profile

Focus Energia is a company specialized in the renewable energy market and consolidated as one of the largest power trading companies in Brazil.

Guided by the philosophy of having our customers as effective business partners, we operate as an efficient integrated power platform offering high value-added products and aggregated solutions in the Free Market (‘ACL’) by constantly capturing synergies and cross-selling opportunities amog the segments we operate.

Coordinated by an experienced management team, we povide services to customers from various sizes and industries in the following areas:

Power Trading

We negotiate short, medium and long-term energy purchase and sale contracts in the Free Market with counterparts all over Brazil, offering differentiated products to our clients.

Energy Services

We provide a wide scope of advisory services to large generators and free energy consumers all over Brazil through a complete portfolio, which includes consulting, planning and contract management, using advanced technological tools in data treatment and analysis to develop energy solutions tailored to meet our customers needs.

Power Generation

We structure and implement energy generation projects, greenfield or brownfield, with focus on renewable sources assets, complying with a solid environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG).

Distributed Generation

We develop distributed generation projects to serve consumers in the captive market (‘ACR’ or ‘Regulated Market’), allowing these consumers to generate their own energy and compensate it with the local energy distributor.

In 2018 and 2019 the Company was appointed by Exame magazine as the leader among the best energy companies in Brazil, which highlights the quality of our services and the success of our managemen team in conducting the company’s business.